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What Are the Items Not Affected by GST?

  • January 18, 2019 3:00 PM IST

    Some of items are not getting or not covered the GST rates. What are its? I need to know and why? Please tell me those items with the reason also. I have followed some of websites for getting GST updates as daily. I need the trending news about GST impacts and business related points also. What is the difference between old tax and new tax rates for the products? And i need to know about the What Are the GST Categories are available in India? I need the efficient types of items and good research post here. Your supports want to me for collect those details. I have maintained my products with sale for the market. I am also following the government policies and rules for paying the tax amount. What is the simple way for getting the GST rates for different types of products? Basic things and regular information to be get for my inbox.

    My friend is given some of simple way for collecting the messages. I am using GST software for know about new or innovative policies are implemented. Tax rules and GST return filing procedures are shared by them to me. I want your opinion about the simple method for related news to get. if you have any idea for collecting those details means tell me here. I need the advanced technical points and clear words also. I have support new business user for registering the GST registration form at online. But i have getting doubt in GST not affected items. I am getting some of powerful information from online. It is given some support for known about return filling. I am gathering some of valuable information from that. But I need more like that and more discussion with reviews also needed for me. Post your answer here